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Welcome To Lassiter Wrestling 2020-21

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LHS Wrestling 11-22-20 Newsletter

Hey all! It’s almost time to start competing!  I think we’ve had a solid 4 weeks of practice and I’m sure I speak for coaches when I say, we have the makings of a really successful and exciting wrestling season so far!  We’ll spend some time tomorrow morning tightening up a few things, but I think we all ready for Tuesday to get here and get back onto the mats.  I think the GHSA and CCSD have both done a good job of giving us the ability and resources to wrestle this season, there are a lot of other places that aren’t so fortunate.  Take advantage of this opportunity and work toward your goals, but also, just have fun!


Just a few reminders about match day…

1-Warm up top/bottoms will be passed out before we get on the bus Tuesday.  The wrestlers will keep these all season and turn in at the end.  Tops and bottoms are $35 each if lost.  Spiritwear is yours to wear anywhere you’d like except events.  Lassiter warmups, and only Lassiter warmups are to be worn at competitions.  We will look like a uniform team.  Warmups do not get worn anywhere else!

2-Rudis singlets will be collected after each competition.  JV may keep theirs all season and turn in at the end. 

3-Bring plenty of water and healthy snacks to events.  Concessions will be limited and most water fountains turned off.  We won’t have a team cooler until further notice.

4-Nails should be trimmed before weighins.  A neatly trimmed mustache not extending below the top lip or sideburns not extending below the earlobes are both acceptable.  There is no more hair rule, but it should be contained by a rubber band. All braces (top and bottom) must be cover by a mouthpiece.

5-Wrestlers will not be in the stands at tournaments.  Please help me enforce.

6-We have 5 duals Tuesday.  I will do my best to try and fit everyone in for at least 1 match, but no guarantees.

7- All matches will be recorded and loaded into MatBoss for wrestler review.  I’ll get each wrestler their login/password soon.

Extra Spiritwear:

We have a few extra Rudis items (hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, backpacks.  Sizes are limited, so check with me if you’re interested.  We also have a BSN online store open for anyone who missed the Rudis date or would just like something extra. Closes 11/25


Schedule through Winter Break:

November 23- Practice 9-11:00 AM @ Lassiter----NEW TIME!!!

November 24- West Forsyth Thanksgiving Duals (Varsity and select JV)—BUS LEAVES LASSITER NEW GYM AREA AT 6:45 AM.  Be 20 minutes early.

November 25, 26, 27- OFF

November 30- Practice 4-6:00 PM @ Lassiter

December 1- Practice 4-6:00 PM @ Lassiter

December 2- Lassiter/Walton/Pope Tri Meet @ Lassiter 5:30 PM Start (Varsity and JV)

December 3, 4- Practice 4-6:00 PM @ Lassiter

December 5-Santa Slam @ South Forsyth HS 9:00 AM Start (Varsity)

December 7, 8- Practice 4-6:00 PM @ Lassiter

December 9- Lassiter/Kell Dual @ Kell HS 5:30 Start (Varsity and JV)

December 10- Practice 4-6:00 PM @ Lassiter

December 11, 12- Cobb County Invitational (Varsity @ North Cobb HS/ JV TBA)

December 14, 15, 15, 17, 18- Practice 4-6:00 PM @ Lassiter

December 19- Trojan Duals @ Lassiter 9:00 AM Start (All Lassiter wrestlers/managers/ parents needed)

December 21- Practice @ Lassiter Time TBA

December 22- Hawk Christmas Invitational @ Hillgrove HS 9:00 AM Start (Varsity)

December 23- Morning Practice @ Lassiter followed by team holiday party

December 24, 25- OFF (2 lb. growth allowance given on 25th)

December 26- Practice at Lassiter Time TBA

December 28- Practice at Lassiter Time TBA

December 29/20- Hook Em’ Invitational @ Lambert HS Time TBA (Varsity)

December 31- Practice at Lassiter Time TBA

January 1- Morning Practice at Lassiter Time followed by Gym Setup

January 2- Team GA Youth Tournament @ Lassiter (All Lassiter wrestlers/managers/ parents needed)

January 4, 5- Practice at Lassiter Time TBA

January 6- RESUME SCHOOL –Lassiter/Johns Creek/Marietta Tri Match @ Lassiter 5:30 Start (Varsity and JV)


If any schedule conflicts come up, I’m asking wrestlers to communicate with me.  Parents, I love hearing from you, but I’d much rather hear from the wrestler themselves.  It teaches responsibility and tools for them to be self-advocates.  In emergency situations, please feel free to reach out, otherwise, I’m going to stress good wrestler/coach communication.

Paradise Grill & Paradise South of the Border

Lassiter Wrestling would like to thank Paradise South of the Boarder for being a team sponsor. Please visit them at 3605 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta, GA

Lassiter Wrestling would like to thank Buffalo Wild Wings for being a team sponsor. Please visit the Kennesaw location at 125 Barrett Parkway



Need Wrestling Equipment???


You need shoes, headgear, and a mouthpiece covering top and bottom braces if you have them.